National uses a multi-step mechanical grinding & polishing process that incorporates industrial grade diamonds, impregnating densifiers & sealers to flatten, harden and close the porous surface of the floor. Our customers can choose the level of sheen that suites their needs from a matte finish to a high gloss finish. This versatility makes polished concrete an ideal flooring solution for many types of applications, such as:

Large Warehouses
Retail Stores
Office Buildings
Auto Showrooms
Airplane Hangars
Industrial Facilities

The ease of maintenance is one of the reason many customers are opting for polished concrete as opposed to the alternatives. Polished floors are incredibly easy to clean. Simply vacuum or sweep up loose debris with a dust mop then mop or use an auto scrubber with a neutral cleaner. No need for waxes or coatings and the many hours spent applying them. The glossy surface resists the marks of tires and staining from oil and grease.

The high light reflectivity of polished concrete is another important benefit, especially for office buildings, restaurants, and other public facilities that want to project a bright, clean, professional image. Ambient light reflection can be increased by up to 100%. This can result in fewer lights and less electricity resulting in continuous savings.

Since there are no coatings to peel, crack or fail polished concrete floors will last for years and years. When they do finally start to dull all that is generally required is a one or two step polishing process to return them to their previous high shine.

In The News

National Concrete Polishing & Grinding Inc. is pleased to announce that we have just opened a new location in Manchester, Tennessee!

From our new location, we'll be able to better service the southeast region with our concrete polishing, maintenance and floor coating services:

National Concrete Polishing
Southeast Division

6172 Murfreesboro Hwy.
Manchester, TN 37355

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